Equipment and Car Finance

Cars, Trucks, Trailers and more…From a 4WD for the family to a fleet of specialised prime movers, we can tailor a funding programme to suit your needs.

3 Simple Steps to Finance Preapproval so you can get back to business

Allied Finance has been assisting businesses to finance their equipment and vehicles for more than 40 years.

Our team take the legwork out of finding the best deal in the marketplace across a range of industries including Mining and Construction, Farming and Ag, Trucks and Transport, Boating and Marine, Aviation, Hospitality, Printing and more.

And when it comes to vehicle loans, we can assist you with everything from your personal family car to a fleet of commercial vehicles.

Let us untangle the web of different products, terms and structures to provide you with clear options that suit your business and personal needs.

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Scott Green

Craig Mueller

Gavin Hill

Jeremy Braysich


Mining and Construction

Should you need a utility, small excavator, drill rig or a fleet of heavy duty dump trucks, we can source the solution to meet your needs.

Trucks and Vehicles

Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Bus and Coaches and more…From a 4WD for the family to a fleet of specialized prime movers, we can tailor a funding programme to suit your contractual obligations and cashflows.

Farming and Agriculture

Coming from a farming and banking background, Allied Broker Gavin Hill is well placed to provide sharp funding solutions while understanding seasonal trends.

Boating and Marine

From a small pleasure boat to a heavy duty off-shore commercial vessel we are able to assist you. Yachts, Pleasure craft, Anchor Handling Tug Boats, Commercial Fishing Boats, Charter Boats, Passenger ferries and more.


We’ve played a pivotal role in the financing of aircraft for small charter operators and dedicated FIFO contractors servicing the growing Mining, Oil & Gas communities in WA. Be it a 4 seater piston aircraft, a turbo prop or a pure jet for commercial or private use, we can provide a competitive finance solution.


From a photocopier to a Heidelberg seven colour press, new or used, imported or locally sourced, we can assist you to acquire this equipment on favourable terms and repayments to suit your cash flow.

Hospitality and Catering

Whether you need an equipment upgrade or a full fit out – Craig Mueller can assist you with funding solutions for Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels and Bars.

Gym Equipment

Treadmills, Pilates Equipment, Free Weights, Exercise Bikes, whatever you’re after we can assist you to ensure you have the equipment you need to keep clients training hard.

Other Business Equipment

If the asset is used within your business we can assist with finance options, just give us a call!

3 Simple Steps to Preapproval