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Could you save money on your home loan?

An annual Home Loan Health Check could shave thousands off your mortgage

With interest rates at record lows and lenders competing hard to lock-in customers right now, refinancing could save you a significant amount of money.

Banks offer a number of incentives throughout the year and we’re across the latest offerings, so allow us to review your scenario and secure you the best loan in the marketplace.

  • Is your rate fixed? With interest rates at record lows, it may be cheaper to refinance to a variable rate.
  • Do you have the right loan product for your current needs and any future plans?
  • Could you consolidate personal loans, car loans and credit cards to substantially reduce your overall debt?
  • Are your savings working for you? We can look at offset account options to reduce your rate even further.
  • Would you like to access equity in your property for renovations and other projects?
  • And of course, we’ll always weigh up any costs involved in refinancing to make sure you come out on top.

Best of all, our home loan health check is simple and free.

Simply fill in the Home Loan Health Check form and we’ll be in touch.

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